Meet Bridget McCall, one of the design duo behind LIFEwithBIRD
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Meet Bridget McCall

As one half of the design duo behind LIFEwithBIRD, Bridget McCall knows a thing or two about fashion. With five stores in Melbourne – in South Yarra, Hawksburn, Fitzroy, Chadstone and the CBD – Bridget together with her partner Nicholas Van Messner produce beautiful garments that reflect a sense of simplicity and modernity. As a proud Melburnian, Bridget certainly knows where to go to get the best fashion.

What makes Melbourne Australia’s fashion capital?
The city has a very European feel to it. There's an essence of the old world to the laneways and underground culture, creating a unique landscape of concept boutiques, hidden bars and restaurants.

Are there any aspects of Melbourne that influence your creative process or inspire you, and if so, how?
The general street style of Melburnians makes them one in their own. We love people watching and taking in the personal style of those around us while developing our direction for the next collection.

As a local, is there anything about Melbourne that continues to surprise you?
The bar is set very high in Melbourne, and it still seems to always exceed my expectations. I love taking friends from out of town out for drinks, dinner and shopping in the city and seeing the sights. The fashion and cultural scene is as good as anything I've seen and I'm proud that I live on the doorstep of it all.

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