Meet Sean Carey, drummer with Bon Iver
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Meet Sean Carey

As drummer with folk band Bon Iver, Sean Carey has visited plenty of interesting places around the world so certainly knows what makes a place unique. He takes time out of a busy touring schedule to share with us his favourite Melbourne moments.

What were your first impressions of Melbourne’s live music scene? How do you think it differs from other cities around the world?
My band mate Colin Stetson played a solo saxophone show at The Toff in Town and I was amazed by the turnout and attentive audience at the show. Nice taste, Melbourne! Also at the Bon Iver show in Melbourne, the crowd was so attentive and receptive. Plus it was the biggest audience we've played for at our own show, so that says a lot about the music and cultural scene in Melbourne.

What has been your favourite music venue in Melbourne so far?
I really enjoyed The Forum the last time we were in Melbourne but the Sidney Myer Music Bowl is hard to beat. Great audience, it’s half indoor/half outdoor and it still felt really intimate with so many people there.

What is something unique that you discovered last time you were in Melbourne?
We went to two places that had great food and atmosphere: Seven Seeds Coffee (wow) and this place in Richmond called The National Hotel.

If you only had 24 hours in Melbourne, what would be your must-do experiences?
I would try to eat as much food as possible. The food in this town is top notch! Walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens and then eat more food.

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