Nicholas Building, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Architecture & design

Look up and admire the grand, elegant architecture of Melbourne's heritage buildings and their bold, striking contemporary neighbours, and visit design markets and studios to see why the city has become Australia's centre of contemporary design.


Fed Square New Years Eve

Federation Square

In the tradition of the world's busiest public spaces, "Fed Square" buzzes with a daily program of events, restaurants and cafes and bold galleries.

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Werribee Mansion, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Heritage buildings

Discover Melbourne's rich history with a visit to one of the numerous historical buildings and monuments around the city.

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Southern Cross Station, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Join architect Stuart Harrison as he takes us on a tour of structures that have significantly influenced the development of Melbourne.

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Domed ceiling - State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Swanston Street and St Kilda Road

You will find much of Melbourne's most notable architectural sites along its main thoroughfare. Take a gentle stroll to get to know these buildings.

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Craft Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

Art and design

Discover the innovation and skill of local artists and designers at hole-in-the-wall galleries and designer boutiques scattered throughout the city's laneways.

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Art tours

Parks & gardens