Public art in Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Photo credit: Ben King
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Public art

Melbourne is well known as a source of inspiration for artists, writers and musicians. Explore the history and creativity hidden in the laneways and byways on one of the city's arts walks or tours.

City lights and city circles

Check out work by local and international artists involved in the City Lights programme, take the Art from the City Circle tram ride, or walk through city streets, laneways and along the Yarra River to experience the city's countless public artworks.

Trail blazing
Follow one of the sign-posted trails to various locations where artists have worked on well-known paintings. Stand on the site where inspiration struck and read accompanying interpretative signs that explain the artists' work and resulting individual paintings inspired by those locations.

Behind the curtain
Go behind the scenes and join a guided tour of a local art workshop or city theatre venues.

Culture Secrets - Proximities, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Proximities is a sound installation of voice recordings of people from the 53 Commonwealth nations represented in Australia and the voices of the area's original custodians, the Wurundjeri people.

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Culture Secrets - The Travellers, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Travellers

From historic rail bridge to eyesore to work of art, Sandridge Bridge home to The Travellers, towering steel sculptures depicting the story of the arrival of migrants to Melbourne.

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Culture Secrets - Architectural Fragment, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Architectural Fragment

Discover Petrus Spronk's bluestone sculpture Architectural Fragment, on Swanston Street outside the State Library of Victoria.

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Culture Secrets - Laneway Commissions, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Laneway Commissions

The City of Melbourne's annual Laneway Commissions see local and international artists use the city's labyrinth of laneways as a temporary canvas for their works.

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Culture Secrets - The Great Petition, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Great Petition

The Great Petition spills out across Burston Reserve and marks 100 years of women’s right to vote Victoria.

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Culture Secrets - Queen Bee, Southbank, Victoria, Australia

Queen Bee

It’s like a sci-fi movie come to life – a colony of giant bees occupying one side of the Eureka Tower.

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Culture Secrets - Union Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Union Lane

Union Lane is something of an anomaly. There aren’t any of the usual bars, boutiques or cafes to entice visitors but they come nonetheless.

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Culture Secrets - Federation Bells, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Federation Bells

Bells were once a major form of public communication. They announced the passage of time, heralded celebrations and called the faithful to worship.

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Culture Secrets - Docklands Art Journey, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne Docklands Art Journey

Public art is more than just an aesthetic afterthought but an integral part of all new commercial and residential Docklands developments.

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