Seven Seeds, Carlton, Victoria, Australia
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Best breakfast spots

Variety is the Coco Pops to your Rice Bubbles, and you'll get the best get up and go after trying out a new breakfast spot.

The first meal of the day should be comforting. Reliable options include the enduring Birdman Eating, Min Lokal and Auction Rooms, as well as cityside Hardware Societe and Cumulus Inc.

If you're feeling adventurous, hit Victoria Street, Richmond for pho, or yum cha in Chinatown. Jump across the globe to Sonido for breakfast arepas or spice up your morning with a Thai breakfast at Middle Fish.

This is Melbourne, so coffee needs its own mention. Your best cafe bets are those that prioritise the bean (often sourcing and roasting their own). Try Dead Man Espresso, Seven Seeds, St Ali or Market Lane.

Rise and shine

Auction Rooms, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Auction Rooms

You can't bid on the furniture, but the warmly industrial setting, coffee buzz and full stomach will make you feel like you made the winning bid.

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Birdman Eating, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Birdman Eating

Kick your day off with a breakfast Bloody Mary and regroup sufficiently to enjoy Gertrude Street people watching and grown-up dishes like duck confit.

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My Sister Says, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My Sister Says

Catch some sun on the communal outside table, tuck into a hearty breakfast at the bar, or fight for a spot among the cluster of cosy inside seats.

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Middle Fish, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Middle Fish

A breakfast of Thai soup at Middle Fish with its sweet, sour and spicy flavours will immediately transport you to bleary brekkies at Thai roadsides.

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Sonido, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia


Give your weekend mornings a South American glow and groove along to foot-tapping musica as you munch crispy arepas and sip Columbian hot chocolate.

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Friends of Mine, Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Friends of Mine

Meet old mates and make new friends over early coffees, later wines and the scrumptious organic and regional produce at this bright Richmond café.

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Dead Man Espresso, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dead Man Espresso

Hum your own wild west soundtrack, as things never get more dangerous in this lively South Melbourne café than chasing a pour-over with a flat white.

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St Ali, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

St Ali

Anoint St Ali of South Melbourne your patron saint and savour in his name the carefully crafted espressos and the excellent breakfast and lunch.

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Seven Seeds, Carlton, Victoria, Australia

Seven Seeds

Peep at the mini coffee bean plantation to get greater pleasure from a flat white, extracted to high standards by a crack-team of coffee connoisseurs.

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Hardware Societe, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hardware Societe

Go Euro with traditional pastries, petit tapas and tantalizing sweet treats at this compact French–Spanish city eatery at the end of Hardware Lane.

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Min Lokal, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Min Lokal

Make Min Lokal your local and get the daily reward of warm hospitality as well as the claypots, salads, coffee and maybe a jug of Pimms in the sun.

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