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Join Melbourne Encountour and feel the sense of affiliation, pride, culture, achievement and amenity that symbolises life in this sought after region. Recognise the names of prominent Australians that call the area home.

The Rich and Famous Tour travels through the premier suburbs in Melbourne's East, visiting the localities, homes, elite schools, world class clubs and shopping facilities frequented by its leading citizens.

On this tour you get to observe culturally prominent landmarks as you depart Melbourne city, sight historic and architecturally significant Raheen, visit the grounds of one of Melbourne's leading private schools, acknowledge the schools attended by influential former students, travel along several of Melbourne's top residential streets, stop and Inspect a contemporary Australian but French inspired home, pass famous private tennis clubs, proceed through Toorak, Melbourne's premier suburb, note the homes of wealthy well known residents, take in delightful Toorak Village shopping centre, explore the property of historic Como House and enjoy Afternoon Tea and walk along the Yarra River's tranquil boulevard.

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$60.00 - $95.00

Adults: $95 Children: four year old to twelve year old $60

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  • Departure details: 30/11/16 - 31/12/18

    Mon: 12:30pm - 4:00pm

    Sat: 12:30pm - 4:30pm

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Melbourne Encountour is the only tour operator to specialise in the cultural experience of Melbourne's suburbs, offering ground breaking, innovative tours of Melbourne.

As the nation's most urban city, Melbourne affords its residents a unique lifestyle envied the world over. The various sectors of Melbourne offer their own appeal, differing in attractions, amenity, demographics and atmosphere.

Melbourne Encountour offers an opportunity to explore Melbournians way of life and how it connects to the material sights.

This way you learn the emotional link between Melbourne's people, their culture and institutions. And the multiple chaperoned stops on route deepens your enjoyment of lovable and liveable Melbourne.

You will benefit from this new approach by seeing Melbourne as Melbournians do, discovering the most sought after Melbourne addresses, understanding Melbourne's love affair with food and sport, being charmed by inner city Melbourne and experiencing the real Melbourne, easily, inexpensively and quickly.

Most travellers have a limited budget and limited time. You get the benefit of savings in both areas when you join Melbourne Encountour's half day tours. This also means you will stay fresher for longer, cover more activities in your day and help limit the carbon foot print created by longer tours.

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