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Kite Foilboard Lessons

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Kite Republic

Learn to Kite Foilboard, or improve your current Kite Foilboarding skills with Kite Republic's comprehensive pathway to learning.

These Kite Foilboard Lessons in Melbourne are the perfect way to kick start your foiling adventure and get you confidently handling, and then riding your foil.

Lessons include all kiteboarding equipment, Bluetooth two-way headset for communication during the lesson and a kite Foilboard with three different mast heights to make your learning curve smoother and more efficient.

Kire Republic suggest that in order to make the most of your lessons that you are at a stage that you can confidently ride upwind and land small controlled jumps on your regular equipment.

What’s next once you get started? As well as a fantastic social foilboarding program run each fortnight, Kite Republic offer a number of different boards that you can purchase to get you up and going. If you purchase the regular setup, you will have free access to the shorter masts to make the initial learning time easier. Form more information on Kite Republic’s Social Foilboarding Program visit the website.

Price & booking


$120.00 - $540.00

Choose from a one, two or five hour private package.

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  • Contact Kite Republic or visit the website to make a booking.

Tour operator

Kite Republic specialises in kite and stand-up paddle boarding and has Australia's biggest water activities club.

Whether you are keen for a leisurely SUP cruise through the yachts in the St Kilda harbour, interested in seeing the Melbourne city skyline from a new angle, or keen on trying stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) for the first time - Kite Republic can cater for all interests and skill levels.

Kite Republic the original St Kilda kite school, operates year around. Join one of their kite boarding experiences for a taster or the full course - private and group packages are available.

Their enthusiastic and fun staff are highly qualified, passionate and fantastic at what they do. They can cater for all people seeking a fun and accessible nature-based outdoor sports driven by the wind and water.

Stop by their shop located at the St Kilda Sea Baths.