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United States of Food (with Queen Victoria Markets)

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Walks 101

Discover Melbourne's newest food trend – Americana. Barbeque, brisquet, bagels, burgers and more. This tour will fill your stomach while teaching you about the special relationship we've had with our neighbours across the Pacific.

The first stop on our Melbourne tour will be one of Australia’s oldest hamburger stands, serving up that most classic of American meals.

Next you will get a farm-to-table lesson with a walk through the Queen Victoria Markets. You will learn how the markets aren’t just for tourists; this is where many local restaurants stock their kitchens.

Continue on to an local bagel shop, and learn how Australia and America’s bagel tradition derives from a shared heritage from Poland.

From there we’ll move on to a secret bar in the American speakeasy tradition.

Finally, we’ll end our Melbourne food tour with an authentic American feast. Here, you’ll learn about the unique cooking techniques that go into making barbecued meat fall right off the bone — so maybe you can recreate some of the Aussie-American flavour on your own grill at home.

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Adult tickets are for ages 12 and up

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  • Departure details: 06/07/17 - 30/06/18

    Fri/Sat: 11:30am - 03:30pm

Tour operator

Walks 101 is the leading operator of Free Tours in Melbourne, with a desire to bring the city's fascinating history to life.

The company is independently owned and operated by an American/Australian couple who have made Melbourne their home after years of travelling and living in Europe.

The Walks 101 team was founded to bring a travel concept that has taken Europe by storm — free walking tours. Every major city in Europe hosts a variety of free walking tour operators, and Walks 101 is bringing that concept to Australia.

Walks 101's mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone to join a walking tour. Not everyone has been on a free walking tour or knows if it's for them, so our flagship tour, the Free Walking Tour of Melbourne, serves as an entry point for guests to find out about the city and experience a walking tour without any financial risk.

Following the success of Melbourne's Free Walking Tour, the Walks 101 team branched out to offer a variety of food, drink and cultural tours of Melbourne for a fixed price.

Walks 101 offers tours that depart daily, as well as bespoke itineraries and private guides for groups.

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