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  • Meerkats

    Laneway Art Tour - Melbourne

    Tour - Urban Scrawl, Melbourne

    From $30 - $35

    Urban Scrawl has a Melbourne City Street Art Tour that takes guests behind the main thoroughfares of the city and into a rabbit warren of laneways and ...

  • Will Coles' burger & fries

    Laneway Art Tour - Fitzroy

    Tour - Urban Scrawl, Melbourne

    From $30 - $35

    Take a short tram ride out of the city with Urban Scrawl Tours to the Fitzroy and Collingwood areas, which are central to the street art scene in Melbourne. ...

  • School Group

    Educational Tours

    Tour - Urban Scrawl, Melbourne

    From $6 - $12

    Urban Scrawl offers an education tour giving visitors a real world arts experience. You will be encouraged to think deeply about Melbourne's cultural ...

  • Werribee Park

    Werribee Park Sculpture Walk

    Tour - Werribee Park Sculpture Walk, Melbourne

    Journey into the world of contemporary sculpture with a stroll through the Werribee Park Sculpture Walk. Featuring an interesting selection of work by ...

  • Melbourne Laneway Photo Tours

    Melbourne Laneway Photography Tours

    Tour - Laneway Photography Tours, Melbourne

    From $45 - $45

    Expect the unexpected when you journey into the world of little streets and laneways that lies at the vibrant heart of Melbourne. This village within ...

  • Federation Square Guided Tours

    Federation Square Guided Tour

    Tour - Federation Square Guided Tours, Melbourne

    Really get to know Melbourne with a free, behind the scenes Federation Square Guided Tour. Learn about the site's history, unique architecture and the ...

  • VVThumbnail__9295792_AO54_Drew_Visit_Victoria_Logo.jpg

    Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour

    Tour - Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour, Melbourne

    From $18 - $20

    Melbourne's oldest ghost tour, Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour, was established in 1997 and has been running for 16 years. Come face to face with Melbourne's ...

  • Inside the ANZ Gothic Bank

    The Golden Mile Heritage Walk - Western Tour

    Tour - Golden Mile Melbourne Heritage Walks, Melbourne

    From $15 - $29

    Melbourne Golden Mile Walking Tours, Golden Mile Heritage Walk provides participants with an opportunity to share in the guides' great knowledge and particular ...

  • Lantern Ghost Tour

    Ghosts of The Old City Williamstown

    Tour - Lantern Ghost Tours, Melbourne

    From $24 - $89

    Explore King William's Town, the original capital of Victoria, by lamp light on the Ghosts of The Old City Williamstown with Lantern Ghost Tours. Steeped ...

  • Old Melbourne Ghost Tour

    The Old Melbourne Ghost Tour

    Tour - Lantern Ghost Tours, Melbourne

    From $17 - $75

    Journey back to old Melbourne with Lantern Ghost Tours, a time when the spices of China Town masked the smoke of the opium dens, poor houses supplied ...