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What's your twist?


Gardens and nature

Take a turn through Melbourne's green spaces. Pack a picnic or pedal the bayside strip.


<p>Find Melbourne accommodation from luxury hotels to boutique bed and breakfasts.</p>


There's always something new to find just around the corner in Melbourne's creative laneways.

Live music

Tune in to Melbourne's music scene, from basement gigs in record stores to festivals out of doors.

Top tables

Melbourne's got top tables and star chefs galore. It's a step up from a twirl of the lazy susan.


Welcome sports enthusiasts. We love track and field, boats and bats, racquets and balls.


<p>Follow the aroma of espresso down laneways and into laid-back cafe strips for the perfect coffee.</p>

Iconic Melbourne

Discover a history and culture you can hear, see and taste that's iconically Melbourne.

Theatre and performance

From big budget musicals to indie stage shows, discover Melbourne's thriving theatre scene.


Duck into Melbourne's famed laneways, skip up the stairs and take a tipple in a bar with a twist.

Art and culture

Explore art and culture, design, sculpture, literature, movement and light in Melbourne.

Watch the film

A twist at every turn


A twist at every turn


A twist at every turn