Moonraker Dolphin Swims, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
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Water sports

Launch yourself into Mornington Peninsula's welcoming waters with a range of aquatic activities for both the adrenaline junkies and the serenity seekers.

Bayside pursuits
Base yourself on the peninsula's Port Phillip Bay side, with its long sandy beaches and gently lapping waves. Plant your beach umbrella and spend endless days cooling off in the water and relaxing on the shore.

Arm yourself with a fishing rod and perch on a pier or sail out to sea to catch the freshest fish for lunch.

Paddle about on a sea kayak and spot far-off dolphins frolicking. For an up-close and personal meeting with these friendly creatures, take an organised swimming expedition amongst the dolphins and the seals.

Dive amongst shipwrecks far beyond the shore, or don a snorkel and examine the marine life around the peninsula's piers. Skim across glassy waters on a kiteboard.

Oceanic exploits
Tackle the notoriously wild waves of Bass Strait on the peninsula's ocean side. Ride the waves at the famed 'back' beaches, take your kiteboarding skills to the next level, or join an exhilarating ocean fishing charter.

Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

Boating and sailing

Fill your sails on Port Phillip Bay and sail off on powerboats, yachts and kayaks past Mornington Peninsula's resident dolphins and inquisitive seals.

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Scuba diving, Portsea

Scuba diving

Discover Mornington Peninsula from a different angle as you take a course and learn to dive into the Octopus' Garden, old shipwrecks and living reefs.

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Peninsula Stand Up Paddle, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia


Celebrate Mornington Peninsula's spectacular beaches by hitting the surf, either on your own if you know the waves well, or with an instructor.

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Brighton bathing boxes, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia


Grow gills and spend summer in Mornington Peninsula waters as you observe endearing marine life, splash in calm waters or surf on golden beaches.

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