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Scuba diving

Discover Mornington Peninsula from a different angle as you dive down deep into the Octopus' Garden, old shipwrecks, bottomless holes and living reefs.

Diving for beginners

Take a learn-to-dive course and discover the undersea community lurking in the cool waters around Flinders, Mornington, Dromana and Portsea piers. Come face-to-mask with sea dragons, rays, shrimp, flounder, flathead and perhaps a visiting Moreton Bay Bug.

Stay closer to surface and snorkel under Rye Pier along the fascinating Octopus' Garden trail.

Shipwrecks for seasoned divers

Go beyond the shore for deep-water boat dives into Port Phillip Bay's underwater world of nineteenth-century shipwrecks and World War 1 J Class submarines. Drop 28 metres below Bass Strait to explore the flight decks, engine rooms and galley of the wreck of HMAS Canberra. The artificial reef attracts incredible varieties of sponges and seaweed, sea dragons, seahorses and soft corals.

Descend into kelp beds and explore underwater cliffs, ledges and caves, plus wall dive sites around Port Phillip Heads. See what the bay's creatures get up to at night on nocturnal dive tours by torchlight.


Scuba diving

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Scuba diving

Water sports

HMAS Canberra

Take the plunge 28 metres underwater to explore the wreck of the HMAS Canberra, Victoria's newest dive site and first artificial dive reef.


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