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If only you could grow gills for endless summers in Mornington Peninsula waters, cavorting alongside marine life, splashing in calm waters, braving the surf on golden beaches, or joining the field in a competitive swim.

From still waters to frenetic surf

Take a dip in the calm waters of the golden bay beaches extending from Melbourne's doorstep and linking Frankston with the inlets around Mount Eliza and Mount Martha, and the long expanse from Safety Beach to Dromana, Rosebud and Rye to Sorrento and Portsea. The still waters over at Shoreham and Somers are ideal for families.

Cross to the ocean side where the surf rolls in relentlessly from Bass Strait to the sandy shores of Portsea, Sorrento, Rye and Gunnamatta beaches.

Take on swimmers of all ability at a summer ocean swim, like January's Portsea Swim Classic.

Organised encounters with peninsula personalities

Join an organised swimming expedition out to meet dolphins and seals in their aquatic playgrounds. If the sea mammals are in the mood, they'll let you watch their underwater acrobatics from front row position.

Take care and swim between the red and yellow flags put out by lifeguards and lifesavers who patrol beaches during peak holiday times.

Take a dip


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Water sports


Celebrate Mornington Peninsula's spectacular beaches by hitting the surf, either on your own if you know the waves well, or with an instructor.