Surfers on the beach at Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia
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Water sports

Whether you're surfing, sailing, swimming or cruising, Phillip Island is an aquatic wonderland just waiting to be explored. Relax in sheltered bays, sail around Rhyll Inlet, or make your way along the rugged coastline discovering surf beaches and abundant marine life as you go.

South side
Head north to the peaceful bay beaches for a family afternoon of beach cricket and splashing about, or find the solid south-side swells of Cape Woolamai, ready to be carved up by the willing surfer.

All at sea
Out on the open seas, a watery playground full of spectacular marine life awaits. Sail, fish or cruise the blue waters and experience the awesome sight of whales breaching and fur seals hunting fish from gnarly rocks.

Surfing, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia


Phillip Island is a surfing playground boasting sheltered bays for beginners, powerful reef breaks, and one of the best surf beaches in the country.

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Bay Connections tour, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

Boating and sailing

A day on the water is a great way to sample the island's aquatic treasures. Explore secret bays, catch fish, and experience abundant marine life.

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Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia


Splash around in the shallows at Phillip Island's sheltered bay beaches, or catch a wave at one of the wild surf beaches.

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