Mungo National Park, The Murray, Australia
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Aboriginal Victoria

The Murray River region is home to some of Australia's most significant Aboriginal sites, which bear signs of ancient lives and remain spiritually significant.

Dharnya, on the Sand Ridge Track near the Murray River town of Barmah, is a significant place where you can see evidence of Indigenous living as well as European settlement. Interpretative signage as well as a fire pit, flagpole and picnic facilities make this the perfect place to begin to learn about the heritage and ecology of the forest as well as take part in Indigenous events and celebrations.

A local creation story tells how Purra, a Kangaroo Spirit, marked a route through the middle of the desert. This became an important ancestral meeting place for the Aboriginal communities of Victoria's north west.

The region's wild and varied landscapes are inextricably linked to the culture of the Indigenous inhabitants and boast inland river systems and forests, flood plains and flat sandy deserts. Kangaroos, emus and lizards are a common sight as well as hundreds of species of birds including wedge-tailed eagles, falcons, cockatoos and mallee fowls.

The Mungo National Park World Heritage listed site is the home of Mungo Man and Woman, whose remains date back 42,000 years and are to-date the oldest human remains found in Australia.

Explore stunning landscapes at Wyperfield, Hattah Kulkyne, Murray Sunset and Little Desert National Parks. The diversity of the region can be further discovered in townships such as Mildura, Dimboola, Nhill and Kaniva.

Take a tour into tradition
A great way to experience these places and learn about the Aboriginal dreamtime heritage is to take a tour with an Aboriginal guide. Aboriginal descendents of the Yorta Yorta and Barkindji people of the area run tours from Mildura to various significant sites, offering visitors an insight into their traditions, culture and legends.

Journey out to Mungo National Park, north of Mildura, where evidence of indigenous camp fires, middens and burials dates back nearly 40,000 years. Choose from a guided daytrip or a multi-day tour that includes camping out under the stars.

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