Perry Sand Hills, Wentworth, The Murray, Victoria, Australia
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Perry Sandhills

The Perry Sandhills are 10 hectares of striking red sandhills that were once part of the huge Willandra Lakes System and date back to an ice age 40,000 years ago.

Evidence suggests that the Barkindji people have lived here since ancient times and bones of mega fauna found in the sandhills also reveal that huge kangaroos, wombats and other creatures once roamed the region. To see replicas of these giant mega-fauna, visit the Pioneer Museum in Wentworth. 

Today the area is often used as a backdrop for films and TV shows, but it's also the perfect spot for a fun family day out. Make sure you take some cardboard with you to slide down the huge dunes.

How to get there
Old Renmark Road, 5 kilometres from Wentworth near Mildura.

Pioneer World Museum

Wentworth Pioneer Museum

There are 1. 8 million years of fossilised giants and over 150 years of Pioneer Settlement history at Pioneer World Museum. This is an excellent...

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