Fishing, Lake Mulwala, The Murray, Victoria, Australia
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The Murray region is home to many well-known waterways, including the Murray, Darling, Ovens, Broken and Goulburn rivers, Lake Mulwala and Lake Hume, making it a famous playground to both novice and serious anglers.

Cast a line for brown or rainbow trout from the upper reaches of the Murray, Ovens, Broken and Goulburn rivers. Head downstream to the lower reaches of the rivers for native species like Murray cod and golden perch. Try your hand at bait fishing, lure casting and fly-fishing from the riverbank or a boat.

Lake Hume
Murray cod, golden perch, red fin and brown trout are of most interest to anglers fishing Lake Hume. With a surface area at full supply of 23,000 hectares, this waterway is popular for all forms of angling, from bait fishing from the shores to trolling from boats. Each year some of Victoria's largest golden perch are caught from Lake Hume.

Lake Mulwala
For many anglers, Lake Mulwala is considered a Murray cod 'hot spot', especially during the warmer months. The lake dams the Murray River at Yarrawonga, has a surface area of over 11,000 acres, and is dotted with the remains of a large red gum forest. This timber provides perfect habitat for Murray cod and golden perch, and anglers do well casting lures and bait around snags near the lake margins. Larger fish can be targeted by trolling the course of the riverbed where they lie in deep holes.

The opening of the recreational cod-fishing season is celebrated each year in December with the Cod Opening Classic, one of the most popular fishing competitions in Australia.

Murray River
The Murray River offers excellent fishing from both the bank or trolling aboard a boat. In slower moving sections of some waterways, lure casting is also very worthwhile. Fishing on the Murray River around Swan Hill and up to Mildura has improved significantly in the last five years, and it's now an excellent location to target Murray cod weighing up to 113 kilograms.

The Murray River below Yarrawonga is home to Australia's largest surviving natural population of trout cod. While anglers are not permitted to retain these fish if caught, they are increasingly common in this section of river. Stocked populations of trout cod in other rivers in the region, such as the Ovens and Goulburn rivers, are reported to be doing well.

Some of the largest river-dwelling trout in mainland Australia are to be found in the border country encompassing the upper Murray River, Swampy Plains River, Nariel Creek, Geehi River and Tooma River near the historic township of Corryong and popular angling spots can be found along the Murray at beautiful Mungabareena and Heywood's Bridge in Albury.

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