History and heritage: Wentworth

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  • Cemetery Walking Tour

    Wentworth Cemetery

    Attraction - Wentworth, The Murray

    At Wentworth Cemetery there are graves dating back to the 1860's as well as a fascinating walking tour. Many of the district's pioneers are buried at ...

  • Entrance

    Old Wentworth Gaol

    Attraction - Wentworth, The Murray

    From $4 - $20.50

    The Old Wentworth Gaol took three years to build from 1879 and while it was not a place of comfort it was considered a slight step up from the usual lock-ups ...

  • First Rendelsham House

    Rendelsham (known as the Nunnery)

    Attraction - Wentworth, The Murray

    Rendelsham (known as the Nunnery) was the original home of Wentworth's first Mayor, William Gunn. Today you can visit the house of the first major and ...

  • Fergie Monument1

    Ferguson Tractor Monument

    Attraction - Wentworth, The Murray

    Ferguson Tractor Monument is the world's first monument to a tractor. The monument was established by the people of Wentworth in honour of the TEA20 Harry ...

  • Wentworth Wharf

    Wentworth Wharf

    Attraction - Wentworth, The Murray

    Originally built in 1879 the Wentworth Wharf plays an essential role in Wentworth's rich history. The wharf was originally built using local timber and ...

  • Capt John Egge

    Captain John Egge Statue

    Attraction - Wentworth, The Murray

    John Egge was born in Shanghai China in 1830. As a young man he worked a sampan on the Yangtze River. At 16 he sailed to Australia as cabin boy with ...

  • Wentworth Courthouse

    Wentworth Courthouse

    Attraction - Wentworth, The Murray

    Wentworth Courthouse is National Trust Listed and is still in use for local court sessions. The Wentworth Court House was opened on 13 April 1880. It ...

  • Customs House2

    Former Customs Officers Residence

    Attraction - Wentworth, The Murray

    The Former Customs Officers Residence was an integral part of the busy Port of Wentworth during the late 1800's. The Customs Office was constructed in ...

  • Possum 1

    Possum Statue

    Attraction - Wentworth, The Murray

    The Possum Statue is a life size statue of a man known as "The Possum", who when disgruntled by life during the "Great Depression" took to living off ...

  • PS Ruby

    PS Ruby Fotherby Park

    Attraction - Wentworth, The Murray

    PS Ruby Fotherby Park is a paddle steamer that has been lovingly restored to her former glory. Built in Morgan, South Australia in 1907, it was the fourth ...