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Common Ground - A multilingual multi faith spoken word workshop series

31 Aug 2017, 7 Sep 2017, 14 Sep 2017

Common Ground is a unique, multilingual spoken word workshop series that brings together Victorians to build connection and understanding between young people of diverse faiths and cultures in Melbourne.

Facilitated by local professional spoken word artists, these workshops will explore themes such as identity, authenticity, faith, belonging, conflict and peace as well as covering poetry and performance activities.

Common Ground’s capacity to represent diverse cultures, faiths and identities through spoken word poetry offers a wealth of possibilities. Each municipality will have its own local public showcase.

The program provides valuable opportunities to create interfaith dialogue around shared experiences, promoting cultural cohesion and understanding among participants as well as providing the broader Victorian community with a greater understanding of cultural and religious diversity through public performance outcomes.

The critical conversations this workshops series asks participants to have with themselves, with one another and with the world, are crucial to generate and promote a sense of togetherness rather than otherness - connecting us through shared experience and the power of spoken word.

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