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NCM production of The Gizmo, written by Verity Laughton, adapted from the novel by Paul Jennings, published by Penguin Australia.

Whilst at the local fair, Stephen is baited by his hero Flogitt into stealing. He steals the whirling, twirling illuminating Gizmo that sends Stephen on an amazing adventure of self discovery.

Finding it impossible to just simply get rid of the Gizmo by returning, burying or throwing on to a passing coal train, the Gizmo starts to exact its revenge by placing Stephen in several extra-ordinary situations.

Stephen’s only friend is his pet mouse but even she is becoming elusive. Stephen finds himself in pantyhose and a wedding dress, dragged around town on the back of the mad horse-Tiffany, chased by the local sports star and lumped with the smelly tramp's coat. Oh the shame of it.

The energy packed performance includes great music and sound, gadgets, physical storytelling and amazing visual effects

The show is suitable for family and school audiences and is aimed for ages six and over. Please book via the website.

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