Psyche Bend Pump House, Mildura, The Murray, Victoria, Australia
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Chaffey Trail in Mildura

Named in homage to Mildura pioneers, Canadian brothers George and W.B. Chaffey, the Chaffey Trail traces the growth of their vision to make the region the site of Australia's first irrigated colony. Visit its nine identified sites and gain insight into the determination, vision and spirit of the area's early residents. These include historic Rio Vista, the National Trust-classified Psyche Bend Pump Station and the historic Wentworth Wharf. Pick up a map at the Mildura Visitor Information Centre.

The Old Mildura Homestead
The homestead is a reconstruction of the first home built on the site of the original Mildura pastoral lease and station. Graves nearby include those of some members of the Chaffey family.

Rio Vista
The Rio Vista mansion was built in 1889 by W.B. Chaffey. Built in Queen Anne-style with Californian references the house has river views and parkland surroundings. Look around this elegant home, which is now a museum that houses a display of original furniture and fittings.

Mildura Lock and Weir
Locks were established along the Murray in the 1920s. When Lock II was built, an island was formed, which you visit during the day.

Mildura Wharf
The river was the focal point for transportation to and from the area prior to the arrival of the railway. Built in 1892, the wharf still accommodates working vessels, and is a mooring site for a number of historic paddleboats. Daily cruises depart from the wharf. 
Quality Hotel Mildura Grand
Originally the Mildura Coffee Palace, the Quality Hotel Mildura Grand dates back to the very early days of the irrigation settlement.

Psyche Bend Pumping Station
As part of establishing an irrigation system for the region in the late 19th century, the Chaffey Brothers installed huge pumps at Psyche Bend and began pumping water from the Murray to Kings Billabong. The original pump house still stands at Psyche Bend today, complete with the still-operational pump, and is the oldest pump configuration of its type in the world. For operating times check with the local visitor information centre.

Big Lizzie
This mechanical monster was instrumental in helping to clear the land in the settlement now known as Red Cliffs. View Big Lizzie in Barclay Square, Red Cliffs.

Wentworth Wharf
Wander along the wharf, where dozens of paddleboats once docked. Wentworth was a busy town where wool was delivered from remote stations for transportation to Australian cities and overseas via the Murray River.

Mildura Visitor Information and Booking Centre 
Visit the Mildura Visitor Information Centre and view the 'Vision Unfolding' audio visual presentation in the theatrette which is a short film about the Chaffey family.

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