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Connect with the Murray's serene natural landscapes on a fishing trip with the gang. The abundance of waterways in the region including the Murray, Darling, Ovens, Broken and Goulburn rivers, Lake Mulwala and Lake Hume, make it the perfect destination for both novice and serious anglers to reel in the day's catch.

Most anglers are after the native Murray cod, Australia's largest freshwater fish, but look out for other river residents like the golden perch, trout, catfish and freshwater cray. Head downstream and try your hand at bait fishing, lure casting and fly-fishing from the riverbank or a boat.

Lake Hume

See why Lake Hume is a popular spot among anglers. The area is stocked annually with golden perch, rainbow trout, brown trout and Murray cob, while redfin is a favourite among local anglers. With a surface area at full supply of 23,000 hectares, the lake is popular for all forms of angling, from on-shore bait fishing to trolling from boats. Bring a current Victorian fishing licence to fish at Lake Hume.

Lake Mulwala

Put Lake Mulwala on your fishing itinerary, the lake is considered to be a Murray cod 'hot spot' in the warmer months. The picturesque lake is dotted with the remains of a red gum forest and this timber provides the perfect habitat for Murray cod and golden perch. Larger fish can be targeted by trolling the course of the riverbed where they lie in deep holes.

Celebrate the opening of the recreational cod-fishing season with the Cod Opening Classic. A NSW fishing licence is required at Lake Mulwala and be aware that Murray cods are protected during September, October and November during their breeding season.

Murray River

Experience The Murray in a new way by trolling aboard a boat, casting a lure in slow moving water, or simply relaxing and fishing from the bank. The Murray River's diverse wildlife make it an angler's haven and a great spot to target the legendary Murray cod, weighing up to 113 kilograms.

Visit the area below Yarrawonga to see Australia's largest surviving natural population of trout cod. While anglers must release these fish if caught, they are increasingly common in this section of the river. Stocked populations of trout cod may also be found in the Ovens and Goulburn rivers.

Reel in some of the biggest trout in mainland Australia in the border country encompassing the upper Murray River, Swampy Plains River, Nariel Creek, Geehi River and Tooma River near the historic township of Corryong. Popular angling spots can be also found along the Murray at beautiful Mungabareena and Heywood's Bridge in Albury.

Remember, the Murray River is regarded as being in NSW, so you will need a NSW fishing license, available at local stores and service stations.

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Water sports


Head to the Murray River and strap on a pair of water-skis or a wakeboard. If you prefer to watch, several waterskiing events are held in the region.

Water sports


Embark on a short cruise on an historic paddle steamer, or captain your own houseboat for a leisurely tour of the lakes and rivers of the region.

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Set up camp in the Murray region and enjoy the mild climate and spectacular wilderness areas. Or join a camping tour with a local Aboriginal guide.