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Walking & hiking

Pink Lakes Trail

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Begin at the Pink Lakes picnic area and discover why Victoria's second largest national park is so popular. In spring, four of the park's lakes – Becking, Crosbie, Roulton and Kenyon – turn a vivid pink. This effect is caused by the release of a red pigment called carotene by algae in the water. The brilliant colour is best viewed at dawn, in the late afternoon or under a cloudy sky.

The huge flatlands of Murray-Sunset National Park also provide refuge for some unusual plants and animals. It is home to Victoria's largest flower, the Murray lily and Australia's rarest bird, the black-eared miner. Wander through this untouched wilderness and find a diversity of habitats, including Murray River billabongs, wetlands, woodlands, semiarid sand dunes and salt pans.

Important tips

  • Always carry extra water, wear strong and comfortable shoes, keep the sun off your face with a hat, and take a warm jumper and waterproof jacket.
  • Never camp beneath a river red gum – they can drop their limbs in any weather.
  • Take care when swimming. Submerged branches and dangerous currents can be hazardous.

Location: Murray-Sunset National Park
Distance: 2.5km
Duration: 1.5 hours return
Track condition: Good
Grade: Gentle
Start: Pink Lakes picnic area
Finish: Pink Lakes picnic area
Nearby: Ouyen
Permits/bookings: None required
Best time: Late autumn–spring.

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