Murray River, Mildura, The Murray, Victoria, Australia
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Water sports

From waterskiing, wakeboarding and canoeing to paddle-steamer rides and houseboat trips, there's no better way to experience the sun-kissed Murray region than out on the water.

Get moving
The Murray is very wide in parts, making it ideal for waterskiing. The Southern 80, Robinvale 80 and Mildura 100 pro waterskiing events draw thousands to the region annually. But anyone can give it a go. Get tips from local operators who offer professional instruction in waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding and barefooting.

Time to think
Prefer to take it easy? Join a paddle steamer cruise, hire a houseboat to sail the river yourself, or paddle through flooded forests to experience the serenity of the Murray wetlands.

Waterskiing, Murray River, Mildura, The Murray, Victoria, Australia


Head to the Murray River and strap on a pair of water-skis or a wakeboard. If you prefer to watch, several waterskiing events are held in the region.

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Canoeing, Noreuil Park, Albury, The Murray, Victoria, Australia

Canoeing, kayaking and rafting

There's no better way to connect with the river than to be in it. Enjoy the rush of white water or slow down with a serene ride in a flooded forest.

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Paddle Steamer Emmylou, Echuca, The Murray, Victoria, Australia

The Murray

Embark on a short cruise on an historic paddle steamer, or captain your own houseboat for a leisurely tour of the lakes and rivers of the region.

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Yarrawonga (1:30)

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