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Water sports

Ski, Wakeboard or Barefoot

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iwaterski cater for the skiers, wakeboarders and barefooters who are looking for that next skill or trick.

Just want a better cut on the ski. If there's something you're not getting right out on the water iwaterski can fix it.

Does that healside 180 get you every time on the Wakeboard, or do you want to go backside? Come out and learn that next trick or get inverted. Put it in your bag of tricks to go back and show your mates.

Maybe you've been skiing for a while, or all your life, but don't know how to barefoot. Don't know how to get past the pain.

With the right coaching and technique, at iwaterski it's all possible, without the pain.

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$150.00 - $700.00

Hourly rate versus season pass. Subject to change and availability.

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Tour highlights:
  • The Mighty Murray River

Tour operator

Learn how to wakeboard and water ski with the friendly team from iwaterski at Echuca Moama on the Murray River and enjoy the feeling of gliding on the water behind the brand new Malibu. It's amazing.

iwaterski is located at Perricoota Station, with 3.5 kilometres of river frontage. Come hang out, have lunch at the restaurant, and enjoy the action from the over water deck and bar.

Perricoota Station restaurant is open Thursday to Sunday for lunch, and Thursday to Saturday for dinner. Please refer to their web site for details.