Dal Zotto Wines, King Vallet wine region, High Country, Victoria, Australia
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Wine regions in north-east Victoria

From the fertile plains around the Murray River to the steep, timbered foothills of the Victorian Alps, north-east Victoria offers stunning scenery and celebrated gourmet experiences.

The north-east's five wine regions – Rutherglen, Beechworth, Alpine Valleys, King Valley and Glenrowan – all reflect their distinct climatic, topographic and historic differences in the quality and complexity of wines and the superb, artisan-style brews they produce. These range from luscious muscat, vibrant Italian varieties, and austere and restrained sparkling to the rich ales of its many craft breweries.

In the north lies Rutherglen, with a rich history of fortified winemaking and a great diversity of table wines.To the south is Glenrowan, ripe for rediscovery, which has been producing traditional wines of heroic proportions since the 1870s. To the east is the pristine mountain environment of the Alpine Valleys, King Valley and Beechworth – gateways to Victoria's ski fields, which offer some of the state's most innovative winemaking, diverse vineyards and elegant wines.

Add an outstanding range of accommodation and delicious produce, and there are plenty of reasons to stay.


Rutherglen, High Country, Victoria, Australia

Rutherglen wine region

Spend a few days in and around Rutherglen exploring the 21 cellar doors in close proximity. Sample the iconic fortifieds and a new breed of wines.

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Beechworth, High Country, Victoria, Australia

Beechworth wine region

Head to the Beechworth wine region in the High Country and taste the remarkable chardonnay and pinot noir produced by local winemakers.

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Boynton's Feathertop Winery, High Country, Victoria, Australia

Alpine Valleys wine region

From shiraz to sauvignon vert, discover more than 30 different grape varieties at picturesque wineries in the Alpine Valleys wine region.

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King Valley, High Country, Victoria, Australia

King Valley wine region

Knock on a King Valley cellar door and meet generations of winemaking families offering tastings of their groundbreaking Italian varietals.

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Bailey's of Glenrowan, Glenrowan wine region, High Country, Victoria, Australia

Glenrowan wine region

Head to Kelly country and taste the history in the spectacular shiraz and fortified wines produced by Glenrowan's century-old wineries.

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