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Historic bridges

If the hardest thing in life is knowing which bridge to cross, as the saying goes, then it's doubly hard in Victoria, where you'd be forgiven for wanting to cross them all. We've got historic bridges, record-breaking bridges, bridges to nowhere and bridges that definitely lead somewhere.

Best of all, we've got bridges in some truly breathtaking scenery. Like the Noojee Trestle Bridge, the tallest surviving wooden trestle bridge in Victoria that competes with the surrounding tall forest to inspire awe. Once part of the old Noojee to Warragul railway line, it's now part of a cycling trail. Just pipped in the trestle bridge stakes but no less impressive is the Kilcunda Bridge, also now a rail trail. Take a cycle across the bridge, pausing mid-bridge to watch the thundering waves crashing down to shore.

One of the oldest remaining across the Murray River, Barham Bridge literally bridges the gap between Victoria and New South Wales. Malmsbury Viaduct is as solid a connection to the gold rush as you'll get, its unyielding masonry arches having spanned the Coliban River since 1861.

And one of our most loved bridges isn't really a bridge at all. Lacking for a middle since 1990, London Bridge once transported people from the mainland across the offshore rock stack. These days we can just stand and admire it as another Great Ocean Road highlight, and hope to catch a glimpse of the resident little penguins.

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Victoria's bridges

Noojee Trestle Bridge

Set in beautiful tall forest, the majestic Noojee Trestle Bridge is the tallest surviving wooden...

London Bridge

Witness London Bridge, originally a natural archway and tunnel, now a bridge without a middle.

Bonnie Doon Bridge

Ride, walk or drive the 385 metre long Bonnie Doon Rail Bridge, providing a great vantage spot to...

Historic Hughes Creek Bridge

Hughes Creek was named after the first settler in Avenel, for many years it was a popular overnight...

Malmsbury Viaduct

Visit the Malmsbury Botanic Gardens and see the viaduct stretching out across the Coliban River.

Kilcunda Bridge

Constructed in 1911, the iconic Kilcunda Bridge spans 91 metres across Bourne Creek at Kilcunda.

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Victoria's bridges

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