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Scuba diving

Sign up for lessons, join a tour or plan your own scuba diving adventure and start exploring underwater Victoria.

Discoveries in the bay

Dive Port Phillip Bay and discover more than 60 nineteenth-century shipwrecks and four submarines that were sunk during World War I, seahorses and soft corals. Port Phillip Heads are home to some of the most spectacular wall dives in Australia that start at a depth of about 12 metres and extend beyond 90 metres. If you prefer shore diving, head to Mornington, Portsea or Rye piers.

Protected parks and spectacular sites

Dive sites located along the Great Ocean Road range from 20 metre-high kelp forests to spectacular caves, swim throughs and an abundance of fish life, crayfish and abalone among the reef and shipwreck sites.

Gippsland's rugged and spectacular coastline is protected by a number of marine parks and has some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling in Australia.

HMAS Canberra

Dive the wreck of the HMAS Canberra – Victoria's first artificial reef created for the sole purpose of dive sports. Join the many curious divers who Drop 28 metres below the waves of Bass Strait to explore the flight decks, the bridge, engine rooms and galley.

To gain access divers must either book a dive tour with a licensed tour operator or book a slot on the public mooring through Parks Victoria. There are four moorings and the site can accommodate approximately 60 divers at any one time.

Divers wishing to access the site must hold a current and industry recognised entry–level qualification (equivalent to Australian Standard AS4005.1) with appropriate experience for the dive being undertaken.

Be safe

Scuba diving is a potentially high-risk activity and should only be undertaken by qualified people. Victoria's cool water environments can be challenging so seek local knowledge before you dive in a new location.

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Dive locations

Point Danger Marine Sanctuary

Located in Torquay, one of Victoria's favourite seaside towns, Point Danger Marine Sanctuary is...

Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary

Named after its mushroom shaped reef, Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary protects 80ha of the open...

Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary

Located near the mouth of Barwon River, Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary protects 17ha of...

Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary

Located at Aireys Inlet, this park protects 17ha of ocean waters and projects about 300m offshore....

HMAS Canberra

Explore the flight decks, the bridge, engine rooms and galley of the wreck of the HMAS Canberra.

Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary

Just past Apollo Bay, off the world famous Great Ocean Road, Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary...

Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park

With its proximity to Victoria's largest city the southern end of the Bay has high visitor usage...

The Arches Marine Sanctuary

Just off the coast near Port Campbell, The Arches Marine Sanctuary protects a remarkable seascape....

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Scuba diving

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Dive deep

By region

Geelong & the Bellarine

Discover the underwater world of Port Phillip Bay and explore its 60 nineteenth century shipwrecks.

Mornington Peninsula

See the peninsula from a different angle and dive into the Octopus' Garden, shipwrecks and reefs.

Great Ocean Road

Grab your mask and take a dive at some of Australia's greatest sites in the Great Ocean Road region.


Enjoy watersports on the Gippsland coast with world class surfing, swimming, diving and snorkelling.

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