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Travel smarter

Whether you travel by plane, train or car, you leave behind a carbon footprint. However, there are lots of ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while travelling. 

In the air

We know that as an international travel destination, flying is often the only practical way to get to Victoria. Most airlines have schemes to offset the emissions caused by your flight. In Australia both Qantas and Virgin Blue offer the opportunity to fly 'carbon neutral'.

Fly as green as possible: 

  • Choose direct flights where possible
  • Consider the age of the aircraft (new aircraft are more efficient)
  • Fly economy class (business class has higher emissions per seat)
  • Choose airlines that are active in their green/environmental policy
  • Pack lightly – the heavier a plane is the more fuel it needs to get off the ground.

On the road

Take a look at your car – properly inflating the tires, cleaning the air filter, watching your speed and turning the engine off instead of idling can save fuel and cut emissions. For more ideas on improving your car's fuel efficiency and save you some money check out the Green Vehicle Guide, and see how you can save on fuel costs with advice from EPA Victoria.

Another way of helping to reduce the greenhouse impact if you are driving when travelling around Victoria is to join Greenfleet, who for a fee, will plant enough trees to absorb the annual greenhouse emissions from the average car.

If you need to rent a car, book a small one — or a hybrid. A growing number of car rental companies are offering hybrid vehicles and while they may cost a little more than standard vehicles, you can often make up the difference with your savings on fuel. If a hybrid isn't available, rent the smallest car that's realistic for your needs.

Hybrid taxis

Visitors to Melbourne can now choose to travel in environmentally friendly hybrid taxis. There are now fifty on the roads as part of the peak service taxi program.

Peak service hybrid taxis can be identified by their distinctive green roofs. These cabs operate between 3pm and 7am each day, as well as during major events, such as the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup and Oaks Day.

Visitors can hail a hybrid taxi from a taxi rank or request one at the time of booking with any of the major Melbourne taxi companies:

Silver Top Taxis 131 008
13CABS 13 2227
West Suburban Taxis 9689 1144
Platinum Taxis 9090 1800

Get more information at taxi.vic.gov.au.