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After 30 years of producing premium ports and liqueurs, the owner of Mt Aitken Estates developed a unique range of products under the name of Herbal Lore. The release of this outstanding range of liqueurs is certainly a first in Australia, if not the world.

The flavour from Australian organically grown, hand-picked herbs, is gently extracted using traditional methods, then aged in a specially coopered vats made from selected oak staves. The finest grapes, along with an ancient recipe, will tempt the most discerning palate.

It is not only the magnificent depth of flavour of these products that makes Herbal Lore special, it is the mysterious healing power of herbs that has been documented over the years by some of the worlds best scrolls.

Herbal Lore Liqueurs is where time-honoured traditions meet modern day blending.

Experience the full, rich flavour of masterfully blended, distilled, organic herbs in liqueurs designed to awaken senses, fuel your passion and zest for life and bring harmony to your inner and outer worlds.

Enjoy the great taste and savour the many delights offered by this unique, one-of-a-kind range of liqueurs and specialty ports.

Feel the pleasure of velvety, decadent, rich chocolate surrounding the intense explosion of perfection as you bite into one of their specialty liqueur chocolates.

Immerse yourself in the raw, sensual pleasure of liqueur apricots, liqueur plums, liqueur figs with ginger as your mind gallops with ideas of how best to enjoy every moment of them.

Embrace tantalising moments with complimentary tastings of the full range of liqueurs. Then linger a little longer with a friend, loved one, even on your own with a sumptuous tasting platter certain to fill your senses so as time almost stands still.

Herbal Lore Liqueurs are the ultimate liqueur experience for health, vitality and great taste!

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Located at the beautifully renovated Old Butter Factory.

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