dargo heritage

Dargo Heritage Museum

Address: Bairnsdale Dargo Road, Dargo, Victoria 3862

Phone: 03 5140 1352  

The Dargo Heritage Museum is a unique heritage destination offering the tourist an opportunity to quietly wander back in time and feel the toughness of life in Gippsland's high country during the gold mining era.

Dargo is not polished in its appearance, rather it is unaffected in its rustic charm. Its remoteness together with this charm, make every visitor to Dargo feel that Dargo is their own discovery.

The Dargo Heritage Museum has an array of exhibits and local artifacts showcasing he gold era, mountain cattlemen, high country life and early pioneer days of Gippsland.

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  • Access with assistance for the disabled

Opening hours

Visitation by appointment only. Please call Brian Maddigan to make a booking.

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