Nareen Produce Swap

Nareen Produce Swap

31 May 2015
28 Jun 2015
26 Jul 2015
30 Aug 2015
27 Sep 2015
25 Oct 2015
29 Nov 2015

Address: Nareen Hall, Nareen Coleraine Moo Road, Nareen, Victoria 3315

Phone: 03 5579 8548  


The Nareen Produce Swap is open to anyone who grows their own produce to come along and swap produce for something you don't have in your own garden.

No money changes hands making it a very cost effective way for people to obtain fresh fruit and vegetables.

Don't worry if you haven't got a lot to swap, bring along recopies, jams, flowers and much more.

Content: Southern Grampians Shire Council


This is a free event.


  • Sheltered area

Opening hours

Last Sunday of Month
Produce swap runs until 11:30am

How to get here