Hamilton Harness Racing

Hamilton Harness Racing

16 Dec 2013
12 Jan 2014
29 Jan 2014
5 Mar 2014
23 Apr 2014
5 May 2014
9 Jun 2014

Address: Hamilton Harness Racing, Ballarat Road, Hamilton, Victoria 3300

Mobile: 0487722184  

Email: Hamilton@hrv.org.au
Web: harness.org.au/hamilton/hamilton

Hamilton Harness racing presents series of fun and exciting events at the Hamilton Racecourse, including the Hamilton Pacing Cup on the 12th of January 2014 and Hamilton Trotters Cup.

Harness racing has been part of the Australian sporting calendar for 150 years now, and it becomes a bigger industry year on year. In Australia, there are 91 harness racing tracks holding nearly two thousand meetings per year. Around 5000 standard bred horses are foaled and registered each year, and the sport features nearly 3000 drivers across the country, with 4000 registered trainers.

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