Leighgrove Olives
Leighgrove Olives
Leighgrove Olives
Leighgrove Olives
Leighgrove Olives

Leighgrove Olives

Address: 104-120 Peel Road, Inverleigh, Victoria 3321

Phone: 03 5265 1526  |  Fax: 03 5265 1526  

Email: info@leighgroveolives.com.au
Web: leighgroveolives.com.au

Leighgrove Olives is a boutique olive grove, totally family owned and operated by the White family. Grant and Yvonne White invite you to visit their olive grove and Farmgate Olive Shop in the delightful township of Inverleigh, just 26km west of Geelong. Located on a picturesque stretch of the Barwon River, the 4500 tree olive grove is producing extra virgin olive oil of the finest quality. The cool climate conditions with a long, slow ripening period, together with the rich pastoral soils, results in oil of particularly deep, full-flavoured characteristics.

With more than ten different olive tree varieties originating from Tuscany, Greece and Spain, the range of flavours and styles of oil makes each season's harvest an exciting time at Leighgrove. Some are very fruity, whilst others are quite peppery and robust, each with its own character.

In a true boutique way, the aim is to offer the finest quality Leighgrove Olives can achieve in a choice of styles to suit both differing tastes and culinary uses - to compliment all your cooking. Leighgrove Olives are not bound by big supermarket demands for exactly the same taste every year - indeed the annual variations in temperatures, rainfall and quantities of fruit harvested are a welcome addition to the exclusive nature of the oil.

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