ANZAC Day at the Shrine
ANZAC Day crowd at the Eternal Flame

ANZAC Day at the Shrine

Dates: 25 Apr 2015

Address: Shrine of Remembrance, Birdwood Avenue, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

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ANZAC Day, originally a commemoration of the landing of Australian and New Zealand forces at Gallipoli on the 25th April 1915, has grown to become perhaps the most important national day in Australia.

In addition to recognising the service and sacrifice of all Australians who have served in war or on peacekeeping operations ANZAC Day has become core to the identity of Australia itself, a day on which Australians reflect on the Anzac spirit and its place in Australia today.

The Dawn Service is a major part of the tradition of ANZAC Day and harks back to the military practice of 'standing to' at dawn. Each dawn and dusk, the most favourable times for attack, soldiers were called to 'stand to' and manned their posts in full kit, ready to repulse enemy attacks or launch their own.

Dawn Services are held across Australia, including Victoria's State service held at the Shrine, at 6.00am each April 25 and are followed by the ANZAC Day March in many cities and towns. The March, led by veterans and serving personnel, now also includes the descendants of veterans, sometimes alongside their relatives but more often, as the men of the Second World War in particular pass on, in honour of those who served.

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