International Street Food Festival

International Street Food Festival

Dates: 25 - 26 January 2015

Address: Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Road, Ascot Vale, Victoria 3032


The International Street Food Festival (ISFF) is to be a major annual Australia Day weekend event. The inaugural 2015 festival has been designed to celebrate and showcase multicultural Australia with three fun filled days of tastes, sights and sounds from around the world. The focus will be on the diverse food the world and Australia has to offer, yet the festival itself will be an all-encompassing music, arts, and culture experience incorporating lifestyle pavilions, live music, artistic performances and interactive activities.

The International Street Food Festival will be the hottest addition to the Melbourne events calendar and cement Melbourne as the food capital of Australia. There is no one tag for Melbourne's cuisine. In Melbourne you can find everything including simple Australian dishes, spicy Asian delights and classic European cuisine. International Street Food Festival will have it all.

Food brings people together on many different levels. It is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture. This festival is a celebration of that idea. Festival-goers, industry professionals and world renowned media personalities from across the country will sample the truly amazing world of street food at this event, if you're serious about food you can't afford to miss it.

International Street Food Festival (ISFF) is a first of its kind event in Australia that will connect all the fractured energies, spark fresh ideas and inspire leadership. It will open a world of new opportunities for street food culture, create new possibilities for small business and launch the hospitality industry into a bold new era.

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