Good Beer Week 2012
Good Beer Week 2012
Good Beer Week 2012
Good Beer Week 2012
Good Beer Week 2012
Good Beer Week 2012
Good Beer Week 2012

Good Beer Week

Dates: 17 - 25 May 2014

Address: Federation Square, 2 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Phone: 04 3901 2819  


Good Beer Week celebrates the fact that never before has there been so much good beer on offer. Homegrown microbreweries are popping up every month while amazing new brews from the world's best brewers are landing in bars and bottleshops every week.

It's nothing less than a global beer revolution, and there's never been a better time or place in Australia to discover what it's all about than Good Beer Week. Created by a small group of passionate beer lovers, the festival brings the best of the beer world together at a kaloedoscopic range of events at breweries, bars, bottleshops, restaurants and more across Melbourne and Victoria.

The festival returns this May with 100 events over nine days for everyone from home brewers and beer geeks to complete beer novices. Immense showcases to intimate tastings, beer launches to beer brekkies, international brewing stars to local heroes - all designed with the aim of spreading the enjoyment and appreciation of good beer - while having a good time.

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Various venues throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. Please refer to website for more information.


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