Glengarry Glen Ross

Melbourne Theatre Company presents 'Glengarry Glen Ross'

Dates: 5 Jul 2014 - 9 Aug 2014

Address: Southbank Theatre, 140 Southbank Blvd, Southbank, Victoria 3006

Phone: 03 8688 0800  


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Melbourne Theatre Company presents this undisputed modern masterpiece from David Mamet, directed by Alkinos Tsilimidos and starring Alex Dimitriades, is a study in scams, backstabbing and ruthless ambition - just another day in real estate.

Four Chicago salesmen live to close the deal: find a potential customer, sell them your vision for their future, and grab their cash. But money is tight in realty these days and there are cutbacks on the way. This month the race to sell comes with a catch: first prize is a Cadillac, second prize is steak knives, third prize is; you're fired.

The effect of this play thirty years ago was explosive: it was blunt, brutal, testosterone-fuelled, but also honest and humane. Today in our post sub-prime mortgage crisis, GFC battered world, Glengarry Glen Ross is as bold and swaggering as it ever was.

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