The Family Tree

The Family Tree

18 - 20 September 2015
22 - 25 September 2015

Address: Melbourne Fringe Hub - Lithuaniun Club , 44 Errol Street, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051


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The Family Tree returns after its sell-out La Mama season for only seven shows.

One woman's candid tale of her sometimes times tragic and often hilarious odyssey from cult kid to 'functional' adult.

The Family Tree is a theatrical documentary that blends music, photography and storytelling, to paint a vivid and entertaining picture of one woman's quest for normalcy growing up in the crazy world of a cult.

Alicia Easteal was born dropped out into an international hippie commune called 'The Family,' whose members chose to reject societal norms and worship a polygamist guru named 'Father', whom they believed to be a living incarnation of the Hindu god Shiva.

Performed with the intimacy of a lounge room conversation, Alicia retells her sometimes tragic and often hilarious odyssey to 'functional' adult life having been raised in this bizarre milieu- in the middle of Camberwell.

She utilises various forms of evidence: letters, posters, photos, music, archive footage, school reports and song, to give audiences a deep insight into this fascinating world and to highlight the accounts of her bitter-sweet journey to adulthood.

Content: Alicia Easteal


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Opening hours

September 18 to 21 & 22 to 25
Sunday show begins at 5:45pm.

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