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Speedhawk - The Ultimate Aerobatic Flight Experience
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Your senses will be overflowing with adventure
You're fun meter will ping as you leap into the sky!
This is one experience that you'll never forget!
The Extra 300L is one of the fastest aerobatic aircraft.

Speedhawk Aerobatic Flights Melbourne

Address: Moorabbin Passenger Terminal, Bundora Parade, Moorabbin Airport, Victoria 3194

Mobile: 0488 423 022  

Email: info@speedhawk.com.au
Web: speedhawk.com.au

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Speedhawk Aerobatic Flights Melbourne is driven by a single minded purpose; and that is to share the passion with you. This is an experience you will never forget. You have seen the Red Bull Air Race, now take the ride of your life in the Extra 300L, the fastest, most powerful two seat aerobatic aircraft in Australia.

Your fun meter will ping from the moment you leap into the air and will continue long after your flight has reached solid terrain. Your senses will be overflowing with adventure.

Experience a roll rate of 400 degrees per second. Marvel at the climb rate of 3,200 feet per minute (that is 16 metres per second) and for those adrenaline junkies that dare, experience what +8G to -8G feels like.

You will be given a detailed safety briefing prior to your flight. Your pilot will also explain the aerobatic manoeuvres that you will be performing throughout your Speedhawk flight experience.

Take off and get to know the aircraft. Your pilot will demonstrate aerobatic manoeuvres such as loops, rolls, turns, tumbles and barrel rolls - all performed to your woo-hoo factor!

Exhilarated to the extreme, catch your breath as you land back down on solid ground and commence the final debrief with your pilot. Chat about your absolutely insane experience including the amount of 'G' that you pulled during your flight. There is also the opportunity to take photos and purchase an in cockpit DVD of your flight.

All flights and aerobatic manoeuvres are tailored to your nerves, tolerance and comfort level. View the world from a truly amazing perspective; your appetite for adventure will never be the same again.

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Bookings are essential, contact Speedhawk for further details. Book early to avoid disappointment.All flights are bound by full terms and conditions which are on the website.


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The ultimate aerobatic flight experience is available all year round. Weather permitting.

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