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Auswalk Grampians Hike - Self Guided Inn-to-Inn Walking Holiday

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Auswalk Walking Holidays

If the Grampians were a play it would be a drama of epic proportions 500 million years in the making. Fabulous escarpements, dramatic vistas punctuated by waterfalls, valleys and unique rock formations. Remnants of an even larger drama, volcanic eruptions, played out as little as 10,000 years ago. This is an oasis of mountains jutting dramatically from the surrounding plains, the Grampians offers exciting hiking amongst these magnificent mountains.

The local Aboriginal people call the area "Gariwerd", meaning "pointed mountains". With Auswalk you will soon see why as range after range dramatically unfolds into your view. Evocatively named rock formations punctuate the walking route. There's Venus Baths, the Elephants Hide, Echo Cave, Silent Street, the Grand Canyon and the Pinnacle. The summit of Mt Rosea is a big tick item.

In spring time, the spray from picturesque waterfalls provide life-giving moisture for delicate fern gardens, and the area comes alive with masses of colourful wildflowers.

The numerous cliffs and valleys provide refuge for a huge variety of native animals - it is one of the best places to see large numbers of kangaroos, wallabies, deer, emu and colourful native birds in the wild.

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  • Pinnacle

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The highlights of an Auswalk walking holiday go far beyond exploring the iconic landmarks that you are going to experience on the track.

Auswalk allows you to discover Australia's greatest landscapes in comfort. You will be carrying only a day pack as your luggage is transferred on to your next accommodation while you progress along the track. Arrive each evening to your next comfortable accommodation, ready to enjoy another display of the local produce. Rest assured that a wine list will also never be too far away.

On group guided trips you will travel with a group of like-minded people, accompanied by two professional guides allowing for the flexibility of easier and harder walk options.

For the ultimate adventure and flexibility Auswalk's self guided inn-to-inn trips allow you to walk any day in the season, with your own group of two or more people. You'll still enjoy their full support as you progress along the track from one accommodation to the next with luggage transfers, marked maps and detailed walk notes.

  • The Ecotourism Association of Australia