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Bonsai Island has everything for the bonsai enthusiast, including an outdoor display area with quality established bonsai styled by the proprietors. And starter material from tubestock to advanced pre-bonsai and everything in between.

There are Bonsai for sale, plus supplies and equipment, a range of Japanese & Chinese pots, hand-made Australian pots, plenty of specialty tools & styling wire for training your trees, bonsai books for inspiration. Bonsai Island offers tuition, too. Extensive range of conifers, Australian natives, broadleaved evergreens, deciduous, flowering & fruiting examples in all bonsai styles.

The Art of Bonsai features trees at their seasonal peak, so any time of year is a great time to visit. Potting, re-styling, bonsai boarding and advisory services available.

Bonsai plants are grown in shallow containers, resembling scale-models of mature trees in nature. Bonsai need sunlight, air movement, water, nutrients and a substrate in which to grow. The art of involves styling, training and pruning a living tree to the shape you want, then matching it to a complementary container to create the desired overall effect. Bonsai Island teaches that Bonsai is not about the age of the tree, per se, it is about the artistry and beauty of the design.

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