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Ferguson Tractor Monument

Ferguson Tractor Monument

Address: Cnr Adams Adelaide Street, Wentworth, New South Wales 2648

Phone: 03 5027 5080  |  Fax: 03 5027 2403  

Email: tourism@wentworth.nsw.gov.au
Web: visitwentworth.com.au/Service.aspx?s=3&id=41

Ferguson Tractor Monument is the world's first monument to a Tractor.

The monument was established by the people of Wentworth in honour of the TEA20 Harry Ferguson tractors' involvement in the building of the massive levee banks that protected Wentworth against the devastating 1956 floods.

The cairn of stones where the monument sits is set at the height of the water that would have inundated the town had the clay levee banks not been put in place.

"By God and by Fergie we beat the Flood!"

The monument is located on the corner of Adams Street and Adelaide Street in the township of Wentworth. Postcards and hat pins of the Fergie Tractor Monument are available for sale at the Wentworth Visitor Information Centre.

Please contact the Wentworth Information Centre for any questions or queries you have about this iconic landmark.

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The landmark is available to see at anytime. If you have any questions about the monument, please contact the Wentworth Vistor Information Centre.

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