Wentworth Courthouse

Wentworth Courthouse

Address: Darling Street, Wentworth, New South Wales 2648

Phone: 03 5027 5080  

Web: visitwentworth.com.au/Service.aspx?s=3&id=28

Wentworth Courthouse is National Trust Listed and is still in use for local court sessions.

The Wentworth Court House was opened on 13 April 1880. It took the place of a smaller brick building further up Darling Street, but in the same town block.

Made from the local clay bricks, it is a magnificent building that has stood the test of time and provides an excellent example of pioneer architecture and design.

The Courthouse has been restored and the original picket fence replaced - it is still used for local court sessions. The National Trust has listed this building as one to be preserved because of its unique history.

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