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Redbox  Vineyard & Winery
Redbox  Vineyard & Winery

Redbox Vineyard & Winery

Address: 2 Ness, Kangaroo Ground, Victoria 3097

Phone: 03 9712 0440  |  Fax: 03 9712 0422  


'In an isolated corner of the Yarra Valley among the high hills and lovely country of Kangaroo Ground, Redbox is a friendly, family-owned cellar door worth a detour. Cabernet Sauvignon is a speciality here, and the range of wines is certain to expand your experience of this great grape variety. Of course there are traditional Cabernet reds, but there's also a white version, a tawny, an 'ice Cabernet', and even a Cabernet jelly that's perfect with one of Redbox's cheese platters.' Ralph Kyte-Powell

The eight acre vineyard in Kangaroo Ground at the Western end of the Yarra Valley in the Shire of Nillumbik was planted to Riesling, Chardonnay and Cabernet in 1986.

The property was named "Wildfell" by a pioneering Scotsman, Walter Wippel, who settled this property in the Kangaroo Ground area in the early 1850's; establishing orchards, market gardens and grazing land.

No doubt, wine production was high on the list of priorities, and the rich decomposed volcanic soils assisted in this pursuit.

Over 150 years on, the Kangaroo Ground area has seen the establishment of a number of new vineyards due to the high quality of the fruit and ideal growing conditions. It's proximity to Melbourne and the rolling hills broken by dense stands of Red Box and other eucalypts makes it a haven for weekend visitors and wine tasters from all over.

Enjoy your visit on any Saturday or Sunday at the Redbox Cellar Door in Ness Lane, Kangaroo Ground - in the high country at the west end of the Yarra Valley, where excellence attracts the wine buff, and the Nillumbik landscape enchants all those who venture to explore.

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