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The Contact Print

Dates: 21 Sep 2014

Address: ACME etal Gallery & Studio, 17 Bell Street, Yarra Glen, Victoria 3775

Phone: 03 9730 1552  


The Contact Print is an exhibition of images captured using a large format view camera and hand-printed using traditional palladium/platinum and photogravure processes.

In these prints, the landscape and architecture of Central Victoria have been beautifully preserved and printed in methods that capture the delicate detail and tonality of these subjects.

Stephen Tester is a fine art photographer and printmaker. He has a passion for landscape photography and is attracted to photograph those places he connects to and engages with. His use of film, particularly with large format view cameras, and hand coated papers using palladium, platinum and gold provides the means to create unique, individual photographs unconstrained by proprietary processes. Living in central Victoria Stephen is attracted to the historic nature of the architecture of the the gold rush period that continues to define the characteristics of many towns today.

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