Be enchanted by a honeycomb of spectacular limestone caves and rock formations at Buchan, nestled in a picturesque valley in East Gippsland.

Explore the caves

Originally named Bukan-Mungie, meaning 'the place of rocks with holes in them', the area was one of Victoria's earliest European settlements.

Take a leisurely walk in the Caves Reserve admiring the native plants, animals and exotic trees and then join guides from Parks Victoria on a guided tour of Royal Cave or Fairy Cave.

Aboriginal heritage

Artefacts of Aboriginal occupation from 18,000 years ago are still visible in the Buchan Caves, one of the oldest Ice Age cave sites in southeast Australia. Join a tour and hear stories of the Aboriginal Dreamtime featuring the mischievous Nyols, which lived in the caves below the earth.

Outdoor adventure

Drive through the tall forests of the Snowy River National Park and see highlights such as the Little River Gorge – Victoria's deepest gorge – and Little River Falls, a 600 metre-high waterfall. Adventurous types can go white-water rafting down the Snowy River or four-wheel driving to the high country.

Recharge after a long day in the caves or on the trail at the Buchan Caves Hotel, a local favourite, which was rebuilt after a fire using funds from a successful crowd-funding campaign.

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