Spa & wellbeing

Wander Victoria

Even those resistant to the charms of riverside strolls or starlit sky gazing are powerless against the relaxation forces of Victoria's spas and mineral hot springs.

The history of thermal waters and spas in Victoria is a fascinating tale, but we're not going into it here so you'll have to take our word for it. Hepburn Bathhouse in the frankly indulgent Daylesford and Macedon Ranges is where the story begins around 1895, and it's where you should kick off your spa and wellbeing journey. Pick your jaw up from the floor after you enter the grand building and choose between soaking around the public bathing area or plumping for private baths and restorative treatments.

Speaking of indulgence, how about the Japanese Onsen Retreat and Spa at Dinner Plain? Go in winter, as there's something utterly unforgettable about soaking in a hot tub as the snow softly falls around you.

Immersing yourself in gently bubbling waters in your personal treehouse at Salus Spa at Lakehouse is also pretty memorable, as is the meal you should definitely book while you just happen to be at The Lakehouse.

Whichever way you wander, make sure it takes in Victoria's spas. Your mind and body will thank you, as will your face when people can't help commenting on how youthful and refreshed you look.

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