Go green in regional Victoria. Plan an eco-friendly road trip with a feel-good difference. Pack an Esky to stock up on fresh produce, or show your support for eateries with seasonally-inspired menus, where produce is sourced locally, or foraged from kitchen gardens. Hit the trails of national parks and reserves, wander through ancient rainforests and explore local eco-systems. Link up with a regional operator, to tour parks, coastlines, wetlands and waterways, for the ultimate eco-adventure. Seek out green accommodation, from fully-sustainable tiny houses to luxury eco-retreats. Or, travel light and pitch a tent in secluded clearings and serviced campsites. For a truly eco-friendly experience, take only pictures and leave only footprints.

  • Take advantage of Gippsland's good nature as you plan your eco-adventure. Stroll through ancient rainforests, walk the wilderness coast and follow riverside trails. Stop in tiny towns, to fuel up at innovative eateries with seasonally-inspired plates, or pack your reusable bags with a load of local goodies. Go wild at Wilsons Promontory National Park, as you hike along scenic trails. Jump on the world's first amphibious boat to travel across sand and sea, out to dramatic monolith Skull Rock. Get cosy under canvas or bunker down in a wilderness retreat.

  • Connect with nature as you travel from rolling plains to rugged mountain ranges. Navigate the region's extensive network of tracks and trails by foot – go for a short stroll or opt for a multi-day hike. Take to two wheels, cycling along world-class mountain bike trails, or slow it down as you drop into local wineries, breweries and farm gates. Support businesses doing it tough – pack an Esky and bring your own produce bags to load up on local offerings. Choose from colourful veggies and fresh fruit, to more gourmet delicacies. Discover off-grid distilleries for a sustainable tipple. Have an eco-adventure in a green lodge or fully sustainable tiny house, or sleep simply in a swag, under the full splendour of the night's sky.

  • Lace up your hiking boots and get set to explore Grampians/Gariwerd National Park. Take in the sights on a casual stroll, or plan an epic multi-day adventure. Get up close to local wildlife and cross paths with colourful native flora. Look out for ancient Aboriginal rock paintings, evidence of Australia's Indigenous people's long association with the region.

  • Immerse yourself in lush rainforest scenery at the Otway Ranges. Wander to free-flowing waterfalls, weave through remarkable Redwoods and stroll past ancient plant life. Swap out the car entirely and head out on foot, along the Great Ocean Walk. Sleep under the stars with the help of walk in and walk off camping along the route. Or, opt for an eco-lodge or retreat, where green amenities are paired with dramatic coastal views. Ease aching bones with a geothermal bathing experience at Warrnambool, or simply let the sound of the ocean soothe your soul.

  • Get face-to-face with nature in stunning settings on Phillip Island. Check in with native treasures including fur seals, wallabies, bandicoots and those famous fairy penguins. Walk among the koalas as you connect with the Australian bush. Taste the bounty of the region and the season with uninterrupted views of the Southern Ocean. Get off-grid at Churchill Island, where you can explore wide-open spaces under the watchful eye of Cape Barren Geese and Purple Swamp Hens. Feed the animals by hand at your farm-stay accommodation, or mix sustainability with luxury as you glamp steps from the beach.