Marco Pierre White

The Michelin-starred chef shares his top foodie spots in Melbourne, and what makes this city a gastronomic gem.

Marco Pierre White, Melbourne

You’ve visited our city many times. What keeps you coming back?


Melbourne is one of the great gastronomic cities – there’s nowhere like it in the world really. It has a true love for eating, cooking and dining out. It’s a unique place with real creativity and passion for food. I mean, look at all these little holes in the wall. Most people wouldn’t even consider putting a restaurant in that size environment, but these people make their living being clever. It’s what they do and they’re cooking delicious food.


What do you think sets Melbourne’s food scene apart from others?


Melbourne excels in the middle-market restaurant scene. Restaurants offer delicious quality food, friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere. They are places where you can have fun and enjoy your evening.


What do you love most about Melbourne?


The people. This city is made special by the kindness and warmth of its people.


When you come to Melbourne where do you like to stay?


The majority of the time I spend is in the city, but I love Gertrude Street. It’s one of my favourite streets in the world. I love the architecture, the feel of the street and the food is delicious there. It’s got a really good European vibe, but that’s Melbourne. Melbourne is like a European city.


Where are your favourite places to visit and eat here in Melbourne?


I like Flower Drum and Di Stasio. Tipo 00 is another favourite. The list really does go on and on and on. It’s not just about the food, it’s about the whole evening, the service and the environment you sit in.


Can you sum up the perfect restaurant in three words?


Something very delicious.


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